Model Safa Baig

    In the year 2017 the former Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan once again came into the limelight but not due to his wonderful bowling skills because of his love affair and marriage with a Saudi Arabia princess Safa Baig.

    Safa Baig is a model from her country and she was born and brought up in Jeddah and her father Mirza Farooq  Baig is a businessman her mother is a homemaker and the beautiful Safa Baig ha also got four other siblings who also close to her, Safa Baig was always has been a bright and sharp student and she was ambitious since her childhood to be something, in her childhood days the stunning Safa Biag did her schooling from the International Indian School in Jeddah and Safa Baig is always close to her mother and it's her mother who supported the beauty in each step, and she is the one who gave Safa Baig the freedom to do anything in her life as she belongs from an orthodox Muslim family and so being from there to have a dream of modeling was never an easy story for her, though with the help of her mother she get into the modeling industry and she also had a knack of an artist and because of that at a very tender age she picked up nail painting art.

    Though modeling in was not easy for her as she has to struggle with her family first and then in the modeling industry she has faced a lot of challenges from other, only her beauty was not enough to reach to the top level so she did some work on her personality and she develops all the other qualities and finally, she becomes the most famous model in the Gulf, Model Safa Baig managed to create an identity. after reaching the success Safa Baig has appeared for many big brands and after her modeling life she has worked as an executive editor in PR in the film industry.

    Though in the year 2016 Safa Baig tied her know with the Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan though at the time of marriage Safa Baig was 21 years old and Irfan Pathan was 31 years old, both of them has 10 years of the age gap, and after their marriage, Safa Baig and Irfan Pathan also face any kinds of criticism, as one point of time the lovely couple shared a picture of his wife on a social media platform, after that some bigoted Muslims criticized the couple and called that post as a un Islamic post and also many people said also Allah won’t listen to the prayers of Safa Baig from now because of his nail paints, all the hardliners were against the post of the Indian all-rounder and this report and controversy brought Irfan Pathan wife into the limelight.


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